Groundhog Day, originated in 1887 was first celebrated in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Groundhog Day is given to the name of the day that it is supposedly possible to predict when Spring will arrive. The tradition of Groundhog Day originated from another holiday in Europe known as Candlemans Day. On this day the church would give out candles […]

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The Medieval Titanic: The tragedy of the White Ship Disaster — just history posts

Every one of us knows the tragic tale of the Titanic. It has been made into a blockbuster film, with a similarly famous theme song, and helped launch Leonardo DiCaprio as a heart-throb (and an almost-oscar-winner meme… until recently). The Titanic certainly was a horrendous disaster, in many ways, and it will probably remain in […]

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Ancestor Pedigree By Birthplace

A few weeks ago a genealogist named J Paul Hawthorne started a trend that was making the rounds on Facebook and genealogy blogs quite heavily for a week or so. He created a pedigree chart that only shows ancestor’s birth locations. I was busy writing my posts about my great Uncle Darrell and didn’t make … Continue reading Ancestor Pedigree by Birthplace

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Today in Irish History – 14 April

1661 – Birth in Dublin of Sir Thomas Molyneux, scientist, archaeologist, physician and MP; first to assert that the Giant’s Causeway is a natural phenomenon. 1848 – In Dublin, the tricolour national flag of Ireland is presented to the public for the first time by Thomas Francis Meagher and the Young Ireland Party. 1886 – […]

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Family Heirlooms — What Would You Do?

Every day people are faced with the challenge of eliminating clutter, downsizing, and figuring out what to do with old items, some of which may have been in their family for generations. Some may consider having so much stuff a blessing, others a curse. Some may find themselves in the position of having to clear […]

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A Day in the Life: Medieval Angkor Wat — The 30 Second Archive

Tom Chandler, Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University Just how far can the historical record be used to re-create the past? And can 3D-modelling and gaming technology be used to create a new, living form of archive? Constructed in the 12th century, Angkor Wat is a world famous heritage site and the largest religious monument […]

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